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Dead Man's Bones

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For fans of Dead Man's Bones (the band)
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Dead Man's Bones
An Oscar-nominated Hollywood heart-throb and his best friend round up a bunch of instruments - some of which they don't know how to play - and a massive children's choir to make a concept album about the supernatural. Seems like a recipe for disaster, right? Guess again.

In December 2008, Dead Man's Bones released a video of "In The Room Where You Sleep" to the masses. Recorded at a Wrap Party after several weeks of 'practice', it features Ryan Gosling on piano and lead vocals, fellow bandmate Zach Shields on drums and a ramshackle troup of children better known as the Silver Lake Conservatory of Music Children's Choir in vocal support. Bloggers went wild and many-an-eager fan impatiently scoured the internet in search of more material.

We got just that in April 2009, when the duo released a live video of "Name In Stone", documenting a trip through a cemetery with the LA Mass Inner City Choir. Rumours of a debut spread and, after playing a brief set at Austin's SXSW, the band gave the official date of the fated day: the 6th of October 2009. Out on Anti Records, the self-titled album can be pre-ordered from here.

Since then Gosling and Shields have been interviewed by Pitchfork and, more recently, they have announced a US tour. This community is dedicated to any news, features and interviews with the band, alongside LiveJournal's usual icons, banners and general banter.

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